Nestler 0292  Multimath

The 28 scale duplex maths rule

It comes with smart blue leather case

Sorry, no instructions

Nestler 103 Multimath Duplex

The pocket version of the 292

A cracker of a pocket rule with the full

28 scale complement of its big brother

In original sealed cellophane wrapper

Inside slip leather case

Nestler Polymath Duplex

The 24 scale Polymath rule for general use.  Comes in original wrapping within a 2 part sliding plastic case

Nestler Polymath Duplex  Pocket

The pocket version of the Polymath in

soft leather slip case

Nestler 281 Stadia rule

The Surveyor's rule

It comes with soft leather case and

instruction booklet in German

Nestler 0370 Elektro

The Electrical Engineer's rule

In cardboard carton with soft leather case

and instructions in German

Nestler 0260 Mecanica

A Mechanical Engineer's rule that seems to be designed for pipe sizing and flow calculations

In cardboard carton with soft leather case.

Note: Scales and instructions in Italian

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Here you will find examples of the

Nestler range of rules.


All brand new, mint, and for sale

Most have original cardboard cartons and superb leather cases

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